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E-Gift Cards:

E-Gift Cards are purchased through our websites "Gift Cards" page and can be bought for yourself or another individual to redeem when purchasing through our online checkout process. When an individual purchases a gift card, the recipient receives an email letting them know they have a gift card for our site. When purchasing a gift card, you can specify when you would like the card to become activated for the recipient, either Now, or at a later designated date.

The email will include a Gift Card Code which is used during the online checkout process. To redeem the card, the recipient logs into our website and during the payment process, they will select the Redeem a gift card option and enter their unique Gift Card Code and complete their checkout process like any other purchase.


If the price of the sale is worth more than the value of the card, customers can pay for the remaining cost using regular payment methods. 

E-Gift Cards can be purchased anytime throughout the year, they are a great gift for birthday's, anniversaries, wedding's or any other special occasion you can think of!

Note: It is not possible for Druzy's Gems and Minerals to refund the purchases of gift cards. 

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