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Mr. & Mrs. Druzy




Yup, the above bottom photo is us when we met as kids! Our friendship started when Vic's family moved into Nikki's Orange County, Ca. neighborhood in 1976. We grew up as neighbors and have been friends since. We have been married for quite some time now and our journey in life has always been one of adventure.

Nikki's love of gems and crystals came from her grandmother who owned a jewelry shop when she was young and spent weekends and summers assisting at the shop. This is where she learned about a wide variety of gems, crystals and minerals. Her love of them flourished as the years went by. Vic got into the love of gems by learning and watching Nikki's passion. 

Together, we have attended many different gem related classes over the years, from wire wrapping, silversmithing, and Gem & Mineral certification classes. We both have completed the CCP classes in which Nikki continues to utilize her certification on this. Nikki is not only a CCP, (Certified Crystal Practitioner) but also a Spiritual Advisor. She also holds an ACM certification, (Advanced Crystal Master).

Our travels have taken us to many parts of this globe. During our adventures, we always take time to learn about the local minerals. We continue to travel together throughout the US and have experienced many private mining adventures in a variety of States. We always pride ourselves on hand selecting amazing specimens to offer our beautiful crystal community.

As some of you know, we had a very challenging year in 2022. Vic had multiple surgeries with complications which almost took his life on several occasions. He also retired from his career during this time. We also became empty nesters, our four kids are all on their own now, living throughout the world. This prompted us to make the move not only personally, but also for our business. So we packed up and made the move from Orange County in Southern California to 24 acres in the mountains of Bozeman, Montana. We are extremely happy to share our journey with all of you. We appreciate all those who follow us and for those closest to us who emotionally supported us during this journey. We truly are grateful for each and every one of you. 

We thank all of you who have joined our gem community and we will continue to cherish this adventure with you all.

Victor & Nikki,


Mr. & Mrs. Druzy





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