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Please note that by purchasing through our website or participating in our social media, as well as our live sales, you state that you have read and agree to our Live Sale Guidelines and Company policies.


To make a purchase during the Live Sales on Instagram:

  • Log into Instagram, then search for our profile name: druzys_gems_minerals , "Click on Live"(When we are on Live). Also be sure to turn on "notifications" for our instagram account so you will not miss out on our future live sales and updates.

  • To buy an item during the Live Sale, enter the word "SOLD or CLAIM" and the "PRICE" for that item in the comments. (Example....Sold 10, Claim 10)

  • We have no control over Instagram's algorithms, what shows up first on our comments screen, will be considered the winner of that item or giveaway. If you are having issues with your comments not being seeing, type UNBLOCK in the comment section, this pushes your next comments through, (its an Instagram thing) also, adding an emoji or a word helps process your comment, hence, the word Sold or Claim then the price. 

  • Once you claim an item, you are committing to purchasing that item. Please claim items responsibly, Claiming an item is like swiping your credit card for that item. If you claim any items and fail to follow through and pay for them, your item(s) will be placed up for sale and you may be blocked from any future sales. We will also report you to the Instagram NON-PAYMENT profile. Yes, the Gem businesses and community talk and keep each other informed of Non-Payers.​

  • Payments must be made through our websites Live Sales Invoices page which guides you to the checkout page. This process calculates your total costs including shipping and tax (if applicable). We personally do not offer other forms of payment plans or special arrangements to by-pass this process.

  • We offer PayPal's pay in 4 option: Pay in 4 is available to consumers upon approval for purchases of $30-$1,500. Pay in 4 is not currently available to residents of Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Wisconsin, or any U.S. Territories. Offer availability depends on the merchant and also may not be available for certain recurring, subscription services.​ When applying, a soft credit check may be needed, but will not affect your credit score.​ You must be of legal age in your U.S. state of residence to use Pay in 4.​ Loans to California residents are made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law License.​ PayPal, Inc. is a Georgia Installment Lender Licensee, NMLS #910457.​ Rhode Island Small Loan Lender Licensee.

  • There are no swapping of items or any put-backs once you claim an item during a Live Sale. We reserve the absolute right to be able to accommodate a swap or put back in an event of any unforeseen circumstances, it must also be done in a timely matter as to not affect any other customers wanting to claim that item(s). Any abuse of our swapping and put-back guidelines can lead to a ban from participating in any future Live Sales.

  • A $25 minimum purchase is required during the live sale to be eligible for the free give-aways. If you participate in a give-away and you have no purchases at the end of the Live, that win will be voided.


  • When we have free Give-aways during the live sale, you may participate in those give-aways as many times as you like. You may also win the free mystery bag as many times during the live sale. (The mystery bag value varies and will contain a gem or mineral - there are different varieties used in the mystery bags).

  • You may only win "ONE" mystery discount during the live sale. This discount will be applied to your total purchase price during that live sale. The mystery discounts range in value, if you win more than one mystery discount during the live sale, your First mystery discount win is what is applied towards your total purchase.​

  • ​All purchases during the live sale will be posted to our "Live Sale Invoices" page on our website. This page will include your Instagram name and the date of the sale. Postings are completed usually within 24 hours of the end of the live sale.

  •  Please checkout and complete your weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Live Sale purchases by the following Tuesday, before Noon, Mountain Time (Montana). This is so we make our scheduled USPS pickup to ship out the items. We ship weekend Live Sale items out on Tuesday's. If for any reason you may miss this deadline, you are responsible in making contact with us. We understand life hands us unforeseen circumstances and we will reserve the right to accommodate these circumstances. If we do not hear from you after the Tuesday, Noon hour period, your listing will expire and your item(s) will be returned to our inventory. Backing out of orders or not communicating with us when an invoice is due will likely lead to a ban from our Live Sales and being reported to the non-payer list.

  • We ship domestic packages via the United States Postal Service and ship using Priority Mail. Shipping is calculated at $8.25 total charge for any order at the time of checkout. For large orders where shipping would exceed $50 at regular cost by the USPS, the customer will be invoiced separately and responsible for any shipping cost over $50.  

  • Do not use any of our social media profiles to advertise your business, or any other businesses, if you do so you will be blocked from our social media profiles. 

  • We reserve the right to advertise who we endorse on any of our social media profiles. Although we endorse and promote small businesses on our site, we do not hold any interest in ownership or monetary holdings with any of the small businesses we support and are not liable for any representations they may make.

  • As always, have fun and be respectful to one another.

Additional Information:

**Make sure you verify your address prior to completing your payment (include apt #, suite#)**

  • All our items are packed and shipped as safely as possible. On occasion, shipping damages do occur during the shipping process. We are not responsible  for damages caused during transit by any carrier that may be used. In the event that does occur, you may reach out to us within 48 hours of receiving your items and we will make every attempt to assist you in filing your claim with the shipper.

  • All items are one of a kind, for this reason, we do not carry multiples of the exact same item. (although similar items may be available)

  • Please do not leave negative feedback without first letting us know how we can assist in providing 100% satisfaction. We will do all we can to make your purchase and experience with us a positive one.


  • Please do not forget to visit our "comments" section in our website and tell us and others about your new gems and your experience with Druzy's.

Thank you for being part of our community and we truly hope to interact with you on a regular basis.

Mr. and Mrs. Druzy

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